Surround Yourself with Positive People

Published on: Feb 12 2013 by dsaks

Negative people certainly have a negative effect on the people around them. People who take efforts to surround themselves with positive people find themselves adopting the attitude of those around them. On the other hand, it can be very difficult to maintain a positive and happy outlook when you’re surrounded by pessimists and people who look for the worst in a given situation. Learn how to seek and associate with positive people as a measure for improving your own life..!

– Focus on your own behaviors. Decide whether you’re being positive or negative in the majority of situations. If negative energy appears to be your default state, work hard to create a more positive outlook in yourself. Change your own behavior in order to start attracting more positive people your life.

– Remove yourself from casual situation where you’re forced to be confronted with toxic and negative people. For instance, if you have water-cooler conversations with people that are extremely negative, stop showing up at the cooler for your coffee breaks.

– Seek out companions, team members, friends and even relationships with people who view obstacles as a problem to be overcome rather than something that is to be feared or worrisome. People who put too much emphasis on the negative or who stress too much about challenges are difficult to work with, and cause stress in the people around them.

– Sometime negative people are people that are in your life that only see life one way, and when they see your life isn’t going in the direction that theirs is, they tell you your wrong! Negative people will challenge you to compete and to live a life that you don’t even feel like is yours, and then they will ostracize you when you realize and start acting out on the fact that you aren’t even really happy.

– Join groups or participate in activities where you can meet more like-minded, positive people.

Soo, Don’t let negative and toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and kick them out! Bergaul boleh sama siapa aja, tapi membatasi diri kita di dalam suatu pergaulan yang lebih banyak mudarat dan negatif nya itu HARUS….bukan berarti ga gaul trus kita jadi ketinggalan zaman kaaan. Memang kamu tak bisa mengubah orang orang di sekitar kamu, tapi kamu bisa mengubah orang orang yang kamu pilih tuk berada di sekitarmu. Dan selalu inget kata kata ini -“Protect your spirit from contamination. LIMIT your time with negative people”- Have a nice day…Xo DsaksInstyle

Be Yourself 🙂

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