Black And Yellow Inspiration

Published on: Oct 09 2013 by dsaks

It’s impossible not to make a statement with the colors yellow and black! Kuning dan hitam selalu  mempesona! Xx DsaksInstyle

Outfits Details : Blazer by BALMAIN, Pants ( I bought in Istanbul, lupa brandnya loll), Bag by HERMES, Shoes by DEREK LAM.

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6 Comments to “Black And Yellow Inspiration”

  1. ayu says:

    selalu suka dech sama padu padan mba Dian, i Love it

  2. novi says:

    i love yellow like u,sy sgt terinspirasi dg mbak,semua nya sy suka,bahwa menutup aurat tetep keren,hingga buat sy selalu memakai hijab like u

  3. magie-melis says:

    And yes that it is. How brighter it gets fall with a touch of sun as yellow pants!!! Beautiful styling!!

  4. nidda says:

    Am impressed on how u can be in your heels regardless tje surface. Pls share some tips bcoz u really look good in your heels.

  5. dsaks says:

    @Ayu : Thank you bangeeettt..mwacch

    @Novi : duh mba makasi ya atas komennya…seneng dengernya klo saya bisa menginspirasi orang lain…meskipun aku aja blm sempurna…tp insyaAllah kita sama2 menginpirasi dlm kebaikan ya mba..salammm

    @Magie-Melis : Thank you my dear….*blushing*

  6. dsaks says:

    @Nidda : I always wear comfortable shoes, especially if I’m going traveling 😀 and the most important always bring your flat shoes wherever you go…

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