“You should feel transformed when you go out…..”

Published on: Oct 18 2013 by dsaks

People know what colors look good on them but often don’t think to use their opposites…Pair red pants with green beads, or wear blue with orange…Hmm, floral pants with leather coat why not.

-My style is what “i like” not what “others like”-…Setuju dengan quote ini!! 🙂 Xx DsaksInstyle

Outfit Details : MARNI coat, 3.1 Phillip Lim pants, LANVIN Love Necklace, TOM FORD shoes, Louis Vuitton shades, Bag by HERMES Kelly Vintage croco.

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3 Comments to ““You should feel transformed when you go out…..””

  1. jupita says:

    Assalam….Teteh. saya fans berat tth.. 🙂 Suka banget liat style Dan paras teteh, elegant Dan bersahaja.. Walaupun saya Tdk Bisa punya bareng branded Tapi dng melihat teteh sudah Sangat senang sekali. Smg suatu Saat dikasih rejeki lebih Dr Allah.. Setiap Kali buka ig yg pertama Di liat update @dssaaksss.. Smg selalu diberikan kesehatan teteh Dan family Dan Sangat berharap suatu Saat Bisa berjumpa..

  2. novi says:

    iya bener jupita said,saya jg sangat berharap bisa jumpa,kr dg terinspirasi oleh mbak lah,sy jd bener 2 berhijab,tidak buka tutup lg,kr ngikutin style nya mbak,tnyata hijab tu bisa keren jg

  3. baju wanita says:

    There are lots of dresses andd two piece suits that a woman caan wear when she is expecting.
    Artificial flower tiaras and real flowers wete worn in the hair.
    Have you ever opened your closet, perhaps on a
    busy work morning or prior to a big night out and despite a
    fulsome array of clothing, despaired because “you had nothing to wear”.
    Amulets which have been copied from pieces that were created thousands of years ago are
    often worn.

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