Autumn in NYC!

Published on: Nov 21 2013 by dsaks

Autumn in Style!

Have you ever wondered how can I possibly look stylish in autumn because it is just too cold? You can indeed. Cold weather does not mean doom! It is possible to look stylish…Check it out! Beberapa gaya saya selama di NYC..dingin iya, gaya wajib! Xx DsaksInstyle

I was wearing :

Fur Scarf,  Top/ Sweater by Opening Ceremony, Leather Pants by 3.1 Phillip Lim, Bag by Louis Vuitton, Ankle Boots by Christian Louboutin

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2 Comments to “Autumn in NYC!”

  1. Hila David says:

    Hi im going to a boxing match at the Berkeley Center tonight o got learher pants and it has the band on the bottom like yours from derek lam anyway was going crazy with what type of shoe I can do it withi guess you answered My question love the bootie with it , keep doing what you love xoxo Hila

  2. Poppy says:

    kereeen bangeeet.. Mbak.

    Btw, mau deeh hadiahkan dirimu salah satu tas koleksi angsa dua.

    Bisakah? saya senang sekali kalau Mbak Dian mau..

    Poppy Angsa Dua

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