Lovely Day in Niagara Falls (Happy Anniversary 1 Year Blogging)

Published on: Dec 12 2013 by dsaks is my 1 year anniversary of blogging. I can’t believe, I’ve blogging for this longโ€ฆThank you guys for all your support, Thanks for all that come on my blog and leave such wonderful comments. Thanks for the emails, ย I’m sorry that I haven’t replied ( nanti yaaaa setelah holiday team saya kembali lengkap, emailnya akan dibales satu persatu heheh), Thanks for you have inspired me to work harder and post things that are unique and different! Happy Anniversary for DsaksInstyle ๐Ÿ™‚

What I was wearing in these picts :

Fur Jacket and gloves, Helmut Lang leather jacket, Alexander Wang black shirt, VINCE and Sandro pants, Chanel shoes and bag, Hermes Birkin bag, sunglasses : Louis Vuitton and House of Harlow 1960

Thank you for visiting my blog

With love : DsaksInstyle

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3 Comments to “Lovely Day in Niagara Falls (Happy Anniversary 1 Year Blogging)”

  1. Todd Pateick says:

    Happy Anniversity!!!

  2. Itsme says:

    Wow…Selamat ulangtahun buat blognya ya Mbak. Gak kerasa udah setahun.. Saya selama ini termasuk penggemar rahasia, suka ngunjungi blog ini tp gk prnh kasih komen. Just liiiike it alot.. Hehehe… Apa yg Mbak tampilkan di blog ini mewakili salah satu impian terbesar saya yaitu traveling around the world. Kalo soal outfit nya mbak D itu sperti bonus buat saya, buagus semua. yang mana saya gak mungkin berani pakek krn gak pd blas n gak kuat beli . Hahaha…
    Sukses n sehat slalu ya mbak.. May Alloh bless you and your family..

  3. cllaudia says:

    hi, can u teach me on how to pack so many bags for just 1 travelling trip? how many luggage do u bring? espevially those croc b n clutch, do u bring the raincoat for each b?

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