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Published on: May 22 2014 by dsaks



Hello everyone…It’s been a while since my last post. I was super busy with my duty as a mom and just came back from my business trip in Japan with my lovely husband…Dan ya, baru dapat kesempatan lagi untuk menulis di blog pribadi saya ini….Kangen sama kalian semuaaa. Semoga semuanya dalam keadaan baik ya dan sehat selalu. Amin..Love u all. 🙂 Oh ya, ini beberapa foto saya dari trip kemarin, I mix and match fashion for a fabulous look! Dsaks Style 🙂

With Love

DsaksInstyleDsaks Style 15Dsaks Style 14Dsaks Style 10Dsaks Style 4Dsaks Style 6Dsaks Instyle 5Dsaks Style 8Dsaks Style 12Dsaks Style 1Dsaks Style 2Dsaks Style

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4 Comments to “Dsaks Style”

  1. laurel says:

    Lovely! Tasteful combination of colors and styles as usual! Hope you have an incredible week! 🙂

  2. Nour says:

    you r the most elegant , and unique fashionista I’ve ever seen . I’m really fascinated with your style, and the great talent of combining colors together . I was a follower in Instagram but I don’t know why have you blocked me ??? I really love your IG , would you please remove the block ? So I can enjoy your style again

  3. Susy Harahap says:

    mba, kirimin ke aku dunk style mba, aku suka banget dgn style mba

  4. Sari Nurulita says:

    Mba…kapan ya koleksi tas sepatu dan baju bajunya d sale…. saya mau dongggg…..

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