Italy Part 2

Published on: Oct 31 2014 by dsaks

Verona 2Hellooo…udah lama ga nge post2 OOTD di web yaa. Baru mulai lg nih…:)) Ini beberapa foto kemarin sewaktu di Verona. Kota kecil di Italy yang begitu indah. Dan terkenal dengan kisah cinta romantis Romeo and Juliet. I love this city…

What I wore : Denim and Top by ZARA, Vest by LANVIN

Shoes : Christian Louboutin

Bag : Hermes Kelly Croco

Sunglasses : Louis Vuitton

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Have a nice weekend everyone… 🙂


Italy Ver 1 image image image image

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  1. kara says:


    I am traveling to Italy for my birthday the first week in January. I would like to know what I should packa s it is my first time inItaly. Will it be cold? I am coming from the United States and it is freeeeezing here. Arounf 35 degrees fahreneheit. Please advise.

    You look beautiful!


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