Napoli :-)

Published on: Nov 19 2014 by dsaks

Napoli 1 image Napoli 3 image Napoli 2NapoliI always love the city of Napoli. Napoli is one of the most beautiful port cities. Bukan kali pertama berada di kota ini, tapi tiap kali kesini selalu saja ingin kembali. Hmm..this trip was very enjoyable as the weather was really friendly and it made me easier to mix and match my outfits. I chose Maxi skirt and a simple top but chic dengan warna fave pink 🙂

Outfit Details : Top – N21 | Maxi Skirt – No Brand  | Shoes – Christian Louboutin | Bag – Hermes

Have a great day everyone! Thank’s for visiting my blog…

Napoli image Pinky 3 Pinky 2

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6 Comments to “Napoli :-)”

  1. emmy says:

    Kerennnn Diana as always…. keep healthy n happy yaa
    Trima kasih udah sharing pemandangan dunia.. subhanallah indaah nyaa..

  2. Muy linda!….. So cute and fashion! I saw you from Ecuador. ..

  3. Intan Adnan says:

    Masyaallah…kereennn bgt..,

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