Hello Puglia, Italy

Published on: Dec 09 2014 by dsaks


Hello December πŸ™‚

This time, my winter holiday brings me back to the adventurous continent, Europe. Here, I spend most of my times with my family. My most favorite countries are Germany, Italy and France. In Italy, I explored the city of Puglia which is filled with its signature natural art and its stone houses. Btw, these photos are captured with my iPhone 6 Plus..so it will be faster to upload them. But I have my amazing camera from Leica ( Type S 006) the result was incredible πŸ™‚ Β Anyway…stay tuned for my next trending posts during my winter vacation this time! Xoxo

Have a miracle in December…

What I Wore :

BCBG RUNWAY Vest, Zara Sweater, Tibi Pants, Christian Louboutin Boots ( my shoe of the year, lol ) Chanel Bag ( The Classic one in green)

Puglia 4

image image image image image imageΒ image image image image image image

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5 Comments to “Hello Puglia, Italy”

  1. emmy rasyid says:

    mb Diana …ini kayak perkampungan gtu yaa di Puglia Italia ,itu rumah rumah mereka ya keren ya mba bisa batu di susun susun aja gtu..,kok mereka bisa bersihhhhhh gini yaaa… sukak liat nyaa..trima kasih mb Diana sayang…. :-))

  2. Ratnamustica says:

    Keep warm lady Di sayang,, may Allah bless you and your family,,, Happy Holiday !

  3. Ahzria says:

    You are always fashionable. Whatever you wear looks good on you. Love you

  4. Sita says:

    Beautiful place, pretty sophisticated lady,…
    Love it!

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