By Road

Published on: Jan 13 2015 by dsaks


The world’s greatest overland journeys are like a series of endlessly unfolding stories…Some roads are passages from nature’s. From climbing mountains to multicolored deserts, from snowy places to the beaches…

I really enjoyed traveling by road, the view cannot be expressed by words, but to be felt by the heart…

Aku dan suami dua2nya suka traveling..he likes to drive and take pictures along the way! Aku termasuk model sejatinya, Loll…How fun…Xx

What I wore :

– Sweater : LPD New York City

– Pull and Bear Pants

– Chanel Espadrilles

– Louis Vuitton SunGlasses


– MONCLER Jacket

– UNIQLO Pants

– ZARA Long Vest

– Fur Hat by Max Mara

– Hiking Boots by Hermes

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  1. emmy rasyid says:

    thankyou for sharing all the beautiful pic around the wolrd..
    may Allah always bless you and the whole family member aminn…

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