My Travel and Beauty Tips

Published on: Feb 15 2015 by dsaks

Hi everyone! aku mau share travel tipsku karena banyak banget yang request dan bertanya tanya bagaimana cara packing ku klo hendak bepergian 😉

– First of all, I normally travel with my husband (ga pernah bepergian sendiri) or with my family. If its only both of us atau berduaan, I only bring 4 medium size luggages. FYI I will bring a lot of luggage up to 8 luggages when traveling with all members of my family or more than one Dsaksmonth! Lol kayaknya ini normal ya, aku yakin ibu ibu yang bepergian bersama dengan anak dalam waktu yang lama bawaannya buanyaaaaak 😀

– Ada beberapa alat penting yang harus ku bawa ketika sedang bepergian, the important things I always bring throughout my travels are my small iron,  because usually the hotel doesn’t provide it. (ini penting banget aku ga mau keluar hotel dengan jilbab kusut dan berantakan,  hal yang sangat simple ini menggunakan jasa hotel tidak ada dalam ‘kamus’ ku istilah Do It Yourself adalah pilihanku. Mini rice cooker, to cook rice as sometimes the country/city yang kita kunjungi doesn’t serve asian culinary Lol (ini wajib bawa, kita orang Asia seperti  ga makan klo belum makan nasi :)) terlebih anak anakku. Last but not least, my mini water kettle (I am a tea person, I drink tea everyday, XD)

– For the outfit arrangement, I recommend to fold most of your clothes ( that doesn’t easily get messy) into small folds this helps to maintain more space for your luggage. And then if you guys bring fur, fold the inside out of it so that it doesn’t harm the texture of the fur and its softness.


To travel, I always bring high heels minimum 2 pairs (to store the high heels in your luggage safely, wrap it first with a bubble wrapper, do not need to bring a shoe box) About my bags, you guys would’ve noticed that I change my bags regularly.  But as you know, I only bring small-sized bags that I stored only in my cabin luggage ( to store the bags, stuff them with paper first so that their shape won’t change when it is arranged in the cabin luggage). Bisa juga memasukkan kain atau bubble wrapper ke dalam tas agar bentuk tas tidak berubah 🙂



My Beauty Tips


– To stay nourished and moisturized during my travel, I usually bring my day and night cream and my small eye shadow pallet. I also bring along my face mist that hydrates my face apalagi di siang hari dan tentu di malam hari juga terutama ketika sedang di ruang terbuka, my lipstick in red and nude color ( just in case if there is any occasion lipstick berwarna merah adalah andalanku untuk membuat wajahku lebih ” ON ” tanpa perlu bermake up tebal) And of course, my hijabs in different colors.


Thus some of my travel tips, how about you? I would like to know, leave your comments here…..Thank’s for reading everyone!


P. S

Do you know the three things that relate to how I do the packing ?

1. Usually before doing packing, I make a list of what will be small things like mobile charger / Ipad do not get missed out.

2. My family praying clothes (mukena, baju koko, prayer beads and sajadah is always the first item that I put in my luggage. (Gak ada alasan untuk tidak sholat dimanapun kapanpun)

3. In doing my packing, I tend to do it myself and never used the services of others. It’s easier for me to find stuff that will I wear (I know the layout position to put them in my luggage).


Semoga bermanfaat 🙂

With Love



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3 Comments to “My Travel and Beauty Tips”

  1. emmy rasyid says:

    mb Diana yg baik hati
    trima kasih tips nyaa.sangat menginspirasi .terutama yg harus kita sendiri yg mengatur sehingga bisa langsung ingat jika memerlukan barang nya.. 🙂
    untuk urusan sholat yg pertama harus di siapkan i agree i did that too…
    anyway ..keep healthy n happy n keep sharing us..coz you make us happy by seeing your travel pictures also your thanks …


  2. Juli says:

    Mba Diana yg cantik, sholehah dan baik hati…
    Terima kasih atas tips nya yg sangat berguna terutama buat saya yg suka bepergian…
    Satu hal yg sangat sy kagumi adalah pernyataan mba Diana :”Gak ada alasan untuk tidak sholat dimanapun kapanpun”
    Thanks Dsaks



  3. lea says:

    love this, so simple!
    for travel, I always make sure to bring at least one pillow or blanket, something like a cashmere travel blanket for example to relax with. sometimes if it is a long flight I will use a deep hydration mask. I make sure to eat lots of fresh foods with high water content before and after too:))

    Thanks dear D for your lovely tips!

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