Happy People

Published on: Mar 11 2015 by dsaks

Happy People


There’s a reason why some people are happier than others. It’s not because they’re wealthier or more good looking, it’s because they choose to live differently. It’s because they choose to make the changes their lives need in order to lead lives they can be proud of.

Recently, I received a few requests to write more on the subject of happiness and the people who’ve become acquainted with leading lives characterized by peace-of-mind and a smiling, contented heart.

Here are 5 things happy people simply don’t have the time for:

1. Happy people don’t have time to feel sorry for themselves.

They make every effort to learn from their failures and they move on towards a better life. They don’t spend their time complaining about their jobs, relationships and finances.

They don’t blame others or their past for their current circumstances. They understand that nobody needs to be blamed if something doesn’t work out as planned. They choose to take responsibility for their lives. They identify the changes their lives need and they make these changes.

2. Happy people don’t bear grudges or spend their time waiting to take revenge.

They understand that hatred suffocates your potential and excludes you from a beautiful life. They don’t act maliciously towards others.

They maintain good character in times of happiness and in times of sadness. They just don’t have the time to hate.

3. Happy people don’t try to live other people’s lives.

They run their own races and lead their own lives. They don’t have time to wish they had the talents & wealth that other people have. They have no time to waste in trying to ‘keep-up’ with others.

They do not need to prove how wealthy they are or how much they’ve achieved in life. They focus on getting their work done.

They live content with the knowledge that they have their life’s work and they devote all their energies to it.

4. Happy people have no time to gossip, backbite or to speak ill of others.

They see no point in defaming others or highlighting aspects they don’t like about their spouses, colleagues, employers, employees etc. They’re too busy building great lives. They know that gossip can add no value at all to their lives nor can it contribute to their inner-happiness.

5. Happy people have no time to waste in deciding who is good and who isn’t.

They don’t spend hours discussing the private matters of others. They find no joy in spreading rumors. They understand that they’re not here to judge others.

They live with the understanding that they’re here to lead the best possible version of their lives and they commit all their energies to doing so.


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Source : http://www.onislam.net/english/onislam-africa/english/477117-2014-09-06-01-05-43.html


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  1. emmy rasyid says:

    trims mbaa cantik..sangat menginspirasi untuk tetap menjadi org baik…alhamdulillah
    dan jika sekelilingmu tidak baik jgn lah berubah tetaplah menjadi baik,mereka lah yg harus berubah,menjadi baik ,ya kan mba Diana dear…

  2. Nenny olivia says:

    Mb di….wat a beautiful word,sukses terus untuk mb di and always be a good n happy person

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