Good Morning Green Juice :-)

Published on: Feb 12 2018 by dsaks

Many people have asked about my juicing routine… I would like to share it below!

I love to drink green juices, alternating between beetroot juice as well. I will share some juice recipes that I usually drink. The main ingredients are green vegetables, it could be Kale, Green Spinach, Bok Choy… atau mau pakai stalks of celery juga bisa sesuai selera aja tapi most importantly, it has to be organic.

This is my daily green juice recipe:
– Kale (1/2 of a bunch) (It could be Green Spinach, Bok Choy  anything that suits your taste)
– Parsley (1 whole bunch)
– Romaine Lettuce (1 whole bunch)
– Green Apple (1 piece)
– Lemon (1 piece)
– A bit of ginger (any amount that suits your preference)

Press all the ingredients through a juicer in batches. Stir and serve immediately.

My daily beetroot juice recipe:
– Beetroot (1 piece)
– Mix it with carrots or apples (any one)

Press all ingredients through a juicer in batches. Stir and serve immediately.

All the ingredients listed above could be added with cucumbers or apples, also it could be replaced by pears.

Good luck and hopefully it would benefit you.

P.S. – Try to make the ratio between vegetables and fruits 6:4 for the green juice!

– Oh ya yang bahan bahan organic ini bisa beli di foodhall atau ranch market khusus organic. Atau cek aja barangkali di instagram ada yang menjual sayuran organic  san bisa dipercaya kamu bisa membelinya dari situ!  Happy juicing everyone! 

Healthy inside glowing outside!

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  1. Jaket Casual says:

    Kayanya enak tuh diminum pas panas panas seger dan menyehatkan…

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