I love you snow much πŸ’‹

Published on: Feb 26 2019 by dsaks



Winter holidays are always the most enjoyable and breathtaking part of our lives. Selalu seru dan penuh cerita! Meskiiiipun kedinginan yaa tentunya hehehe. For this time, I ventured around the continent of Europe, once again, never getting enough of the different flavors of the European continent. From snow-capped tundra, to even flawless snowfalls in small towns and big cities, everything makes up one piece of perfection.


The three nations visited are: Germany, Switzerland and Austria. This trio is fully packed with spontaneous adventures and amazing sights!

Selalu ada aja tempat tempat seru yang kita β€œnemu” pas road trip winter holiday kemarin. Berikut foto foto winter holiday Dec 18- Jan 19. Cekidot guys..



Pemandangan winter selalu indah ya guys

Meski kita sempat mengalami hingga -15C tetap adegan foto foto berlanjut. Saya akan post winter style ala Dsaks di postingan berikut nya. Thank you for visiting my blog! Hehehe, love you all πŸ™πŸΌ




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