About Me

This is my first blog post and I’m very thankful that after almost a year sharing my passion for fashion through instagram I’m finally able to make my own blog, and honestly without your support I don’t know if I have the courage to present this to you all.

There’s a limited space  in Instagram’s bio and I rather describe myself through pictures there, but since you’re reading this maybe you’re wondering…  What is Dsaks? Is it my name? Well it’s my nickname, D stands for Diana and S for Safira. I was born and raised in Indonesia.

I receive hundreds of comments in Instagram asking about what I do, where I come from, do I have kids, this that and I didn’t answer you guys because my intention is to simply share my hobbies & love for fashion. I’m very happy that I’ve met people who have the same interest as I am and I’m looking forward to continue sharing my passion.

As Yves Saint Laurent once said “Fashion comes & go but style is eternal” , I’m a mother who have a passion for fashion & expresses its excitement  in my everyday style. I cherish getting dressed up, mixing patterns and colors to suit my mood, the joy of accessorizing gives me that positive energy to share & inspire.

My blog is a reflection of myself, my hijab is a part of me that I deeply treasure & it’s not only a part of my style but also my life. So please enjoy & welcome to the world of DsaksInStyle.

With love – Dsaks